About Us

The Council on American Ireland Relations is a non-profit, leading national organization dedicated to encouraging the direct 6090053914_a6a784b957_bparticipation of Irish Americans in civic life to promote a modern American Ireland relationship.

The Council focuses our efforts on two areas: building and strengthening a modern American Ireland Relationship, engaging Irish Americans directly in civic life, and creating resources that define and promote the bonds between the United States and Ireland. CAIR strives to serve as a central resource for government officials, media, community groups, business officials, and Irish Americans on a variety of policies that concern Irish Americans and the U.S.-Irish relationship.

As the leading national organization that promotes the unique relationship between the United States of America and Ireland, CAIR is developing resources to connect and empower the Irish living across the United States. We are also a leading policy and research organization dedicated to the policy concerns surrounding the U.S.-Ireland relationship.

Key Programs in these areas include:

Building and Strengthening a Modern American Ireland Relationship

  • Creating and distributing briefing reports on U.S.-Irish Business Interests.
  • Hosting Regular Calls and Webinars to brief policy professionals on the current state of the U.S.-Ireland Relationship.
  • Hosting Delegations and Convenings for top U.S.-Ireland politicians, business leaders, and community leaders.
  • Serving as a central resource to bridge the divides between government, business and private philanthropy to support U.S.-Ireland interests.

Engaging Irish Americans Directly in Civic Life

  • We regularly work to engage political and government leaders in events and gatherings with Irish America.
  • We host regular voter registration drives in areas with high Irish American populations.
  • We produce materials for Irish Americans to learn about the policy issues that affect the American-Ireland Relationship.

Create Resources that define and promote the bonds between the United States and Ireland

  • We produce timely resources that highlight the current and historical relationship between the United States and Ireland.
  • We build and maintain lists of Irish American Leaders and organizations to share these materials in order to build further awareness of the strong American Ireland bond.