CAIR Supports Irish Owned Carrier flights between U.S. and Ireland

The Council on American Ireland Relations sent the following letter to the United States Secretary of Transportation in support of Docket # DOT-OST-2013-0204, which would issue Norwegian Air International Limited (NAI), an Irish owned carrier, a foreign air carrier permit. Full text of the letter is below:

Hon. Anthony Foxx

Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Department of Transportation

1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE

Washington, D.C. 20590

Dear Secretary Foxx-

It has come to the attention of the Council on American Ireland Relations, that the U.S. Department of Transportation will be making a decision regarding the permit for Irish registered and licensed Norwegian Air International (NAI) to fly to the United States. We respectfully write to you urging you to allow this airline to connect our two nations.

Our reasoning for this is two-fold. First, these new flights between the United States and Ireland via NAI will create new jobs and support local economies. Second, these flights will continue to strengthen the bond between the island of Ireland and the United States.

Community leaders, U.S. airports, travelers, tourism industry leaders, and those with business interests tied to tourism have been in support of expanding the Irish registered and licensed Norwegian Air International to fly of the United States. To suggest that NAI is anything other than an Irish company is false and misleading. NAI is headquartered in Dublin with 80 employees, has 37 aircraft registered in Ireland, and is already connecting countries around the world with Ireland.

Norwegian already employees more U.S.-based crew than any other foreign airline. Once the new routes from Cork to Boston begin in 2016, and from Cork to New York begin in 2017, we will see a groundswell of new jobs created here in the U.S. by NAI.

Finally, we believe that additional routes between the United States and the island of Ireland are critical in supporting the modern U.S.-Ireland relationship. Allowing Irish Citizens to visit the U.S. and Americans to visit Ireland contributes both to our economy, and our nation’s shared interests. By allowing our citizens to meet, engage in enterprise, and visit loved ones we continue to foster this centuries long relationship, and create new forums for our shared prosperity.

It is our help that you will take these considerations into account during the public opinion process.


The Council on American Ireland Relations